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MusicBizWizKids is a website designed to educate the next generation of music people and is the brainchild of me, Glenn MacRae.  Since graduating from Loyola University New Orleans in 2009, I’ve seen a need to educate youth interested in the music business.  Unfortunately, there is a great deal of misinformation and an overall lack of guidance for these young people.  I was lucky myself to have a few key people guide, direct, and offer advice on how to pursue my dream of becoming a record producer.

In today’s ever-changing and evolving music industry, this need is as great as ever.  We at MBWK fear many young people will see this volatility as a liability and not an opportunity.  We fear many will be turned off because they are not properly educated about the business and instead pursue more ‘safe’ paths.  In our hearts and minds, We know these ‘digital natives’ are exactly who we need to take the music industry well into the 21st and 22nd centuries.

At this website, we will interview interesting people actively involved with the music industry– from artists, writers, and producers to lawyers, CEOs, marketers, A&R’s, image consultants, publishers, studio owners, managers, and more.

We will provide inspirational and informative articles, book reviews, and podcasts.  We will interact with the young people I hope to educate and mentor to find exactly what they want to learn about.  We will do my best to keep the site regularly updated.  These are my promises.

Are you a MusicBizWizKid?

Start at the beginning, read about the story behind the story – here (the first post).


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