UK Music Bridges Gap Between Education And Music Biz

“A new virtual academy has been launched to help young people get a job in the music industry.” UK Music Skills Academy is the joint venture baby of UK Music and Creative & Cultural Skills which formed with the goal to connect the music industry and the educator sectors.  The focus is on apprenticeship and collaborative working between educators and execs.  The question now is, why is this not in the U.S.?  Well… Why not?  Could this same idea be applied to the U.S. music industry?  Who are the key players that would be involved if it was brought to the states?  Let us know what you think.

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The UK Music Skills Academy is a new joint venture between UK Music and Creative & Cultural Skills, which aims to increase collaborative working between the music businesses and the education sector for the benefit of young people aspiring to work in the industry.


The Academy will enable the music industry to engage directly with training providers and will allow music businesses to directly influence the training of their future workforce, creating an easier mechanism for employers looking to take on apprentices.

Through the Academy, hundreds of young people every year will be able to apply for apprenticeships at record labels, recording studios, management groups, promoters, and audio suppliers who have signed up to the initiative.

Companies already on board include Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, Beggars Group, Cherry Red, Live Nation, Britannia Row, Ad Lib and the National Arenas Association.



Drumma Boy Interview


In many ways, this interview is where the idea of Music Biz Wiz Kids began. Several years ago,I had the fortunate opportunity of meeting Drumma Boy’s publicist and with the help of my close ally, Alex White, and videographer/editor Alex Wiltz- created this interview. The interview was released on my old blog Drumma Boy drums some knowledge on his early days.Anticipate more interviews like this to come in the future.

You Have No Competition

I met Mike Falzone and had the privilege of playing along side of him when we formed a very short lived band backing my good friend and amazing artist Johnny Crome. For those of you unfamiliar, Mike Falzone is a comedian, vlogger, musician, songwriter, author, and all around renaissance man. Usually, he can be found traveling the country (in Reddit / Waywire tour buses), shaking hands, kissing babies, and making jokes about interpersonal relationships (It’s way cooler than I made it sound… trust me.)

Anyways, here is a one of his more serious videos that I needed to share.
YOU HAVE NO COMPETION (without further ado, here’s Mike below).

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