Part 2 and 3 of Jay Z / Zane Lowe Interview over at BBC

Jay-Z. Zane Lowe. Magna Carta Holy Grail. Part 2: Fame

Jay-Z. Zane Lowe. Magna Carta Holy Grail. Part 3: Business & Politics

And in case you haven’t seen Part 1 hit More!

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Overheard at New Music Seminar (Via Hypebot)


Courtesy of Hypebot

The festivities got under way with a part.convert on Sunday night, and since then it’s been a constatnt stream of keynotes, panels and seminars.  Here are some of the most quatable quotes so far:

  • Matt Harmon of Beggars Group: “An indie label looks for artists because they have real interest in music.”
  • @bryancalhoun: “If you dont geo-target & personalize your lists, then you aren’t maximizing your direct to fan. You are just spamming via @sarahmary
  • Bandzoogle CEO @DavidDufresne: “Musicians need mobile-friendly websites—not apps. “Email is the ultimate app.”
  • @AudiophiliacMan: “If you really love the band you should BUY the album and if you buy the album it should be the best quality”
  •  Kenny Gates @piasrecordings: “Streaming is replacing piracy.”
  • Paul Campbell, CEO, #AmazingRadio: “We pay artists 100 x more than streaming for in-store performances.” (via @MosesAvalon) and “What we’re really interested in is having people lean forward while they are leaning back.”
  • “”only 30 mil people in the US who pay for music on iTunes, only 100 mil in the world”  via @mostdefinitemax


An Interview with New Music Seminar Founder Tom Silverman on Digital Music & The Long Tail

New Music Seminar: Music Subscription Companies Talk Differentiation in a Crowded Field

Virgin EVP Ron Fair & New Music Seminar To Choose Top 6 A&R “Young Guns”


Cambatta, NMS2013, and the Sidewalk as a Venue

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 10.23.32 AM

Last night I went out to check out verbal assasin Cambatta’s performance in the village at Cake Shop as part of New Music Seminar.  Cambatta took it to the stage and ripped threw some songs off of his latest mixtape Smoke and Mirrors.  Several bands performed as well including Down Beat Keys.  However, the real performance was outside on the street when Cambatta alongside bilingual reggae artist Rafijah Siano and Allison Kennedy, a female singer/songwriter from Montreal (If anyone if she has a website/twitter please let me know).  There will be a video posted in the coming days of this impromptu sidewalk show. Continue reading

Q-Tip speaks at Red Bull Music Academy

Thanks to Nodfactor for putting us on to this brand new interview/lecture and even much props to Q-Tip and Red Bull Music Academy.

Q-Tip breaks down his early history, working on Tribe’s classic albums, meeting J-Dilla, what a true producer is and current projects.

Definitely worth the time to sit down and watch and learn and TAKE NOTES!

If you are a producer or music head or interested in the music production process this video is a must see and Nodfactor is a must follow!Follow Nodfactor , Q-Tip, and Red Bull Music Academy on twitter.


The Rise of The Bedroom Producer

Very fascinating documentary- Check it out!
Proof that it’s not the Tools but the man behind the machines that makes the musical MAGIC!

Rise of the Bedroom Producer is a short documentary that to try to explore the impact of the high number of new producers getting involved in the British dance music scene.

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3 Must Read Links for any Producer or Engineer (Aspiring or not)

Good Morning MBWK!

I’ve got three awesome links for you guys to check out.

First is a true game changer.  Pensado’s Place is a web show featuring platinum mix engineer and his engineer Herb Trawick interviewing some of the greatest engineers, producers, songwriters, and music industry leaders in an hour long web show.  Nearly 100 shows deep, there is plenty of knowledge to improve your sonics!

Check out Pensado’s Place in the latest episode below (featuring MixedByAli ) .

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MBWK Featured on Hypebot and MusicThinkThank

We at MBWK would like to send a big SHOUT OUT! and a very special Thank You to HypeBot and MusicThinkTank for featuring the article Why Most Indie Music Groups and Labels Fail (Part 1) . All of us at MBWK are humbled by the response we’ve gotten since the article was featured.  2013 is off to a great start with much more in store in the very near future!ImageImage