I Am Not An Expert.

“Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience.” – Denis WaitleyBut-Im-not-an-expert-lo

This post was originally supposed to go up months ago, but I let someone convince me not to put it up.  I think it’s time to start a conversation.  Thank you in advance for reading this.

One of the things I strive for on MBWK is a certain (high) level of transparency.  So I believe this needs to be said in plain English – I am NOT an Expert.  Take that how you will, but please understand I am not claiming to be something I am not.  Taking that one step further, MusicBizWizKids will not claim to be something it’s not.


We will be a destination and a resource for young people who are starting on their path to success and assist in their educating them about the new music industry.



Yes, this will change and adapt as time goes on, but this site is most likely not for people that have been in the industry for many years.  I do not write for an audience but my own – if others find the information interesting and would like to continue to peruse the site, that is great.  The point I’m trying to get at is one that can be turned into a lesson for MBWK readers – Be honest with yourself at all times and be true to yourself.  Be Yourself.

This is something that unfortunately far too many people forget.  They turn outward- looking at others and asking why others can’t be more like their expectations of them.  These same people don’t realize that not only are their expectations of others getting in the way of moving forwards themselves, but that they have already made one fatal flaw.  By turning outward, instead of inward they ignore the only thing person that really matters!  Themselves.  A lot of the challenges we face in the music industry now are a result of people simply not being themselves.  Or atleast taking a good look at who they are, what they do best, and why they exist on this tiny rock in space we call home.

This leads to another thought that I believe many miss about knowledge.  Some of the most basic concepts (common sense) are the most valuable– to everyone, but especially to those who are just starting out.  Yes, many may want to hear the specifics that will impact exactly what they’re working on now, but in the big picture – the common sense things that people have been hearing for years can oftentimes be the most valuable.  These seemingly generic pieces of wisdom can take on new meaning when put in a different perspective or heard at a different time in your life or finally understood and used to take action and progress.

MusicBizWizKids is about educating people about the music industry, but it is now, was from the beginning, and will always be about more than that.

It is about making an impact and taking a different look at how people have been educated in the past and how they will be educated in the future.  It is about questioning everything.  It is about experimentation, killing the sacred cow that is the status quo.

It is about not asking “What do you want to do or be when you grow up?” but about “Where are you NOW?”  Start here and now- in this moment.  Take action, gain skills and knowledge, and figure it out as you go along.

My name is Glenn MacRae and I am NOT an Expert.



Q-Tip speaks at Red Bull Music Academy

Thanks to Nodfactor for putting us on to this brand new interview/lecture and even much props to Q-Tip and Red Bull Music Academy.

Q-Tip breaks down his early history, working on Tribe’s classic albums, meeting J-Dilla, what a true producer is and current projects.

Definitely worth the time to sit down and watch and learn and TAKE NOTES!

If you are a producer or music head or interested in the music production process this video is a must see and Nodfactor is a must follow!Follow Nodfactor , Q-Tip, and Red Bull Music Academy on twitter.


The Rise of The Bedroom Producer

Very fascinating documentary- Check it out!
Proof that it’s not the Tools but the man behind the machines that makes the musical MAGIC!

Rise of the Bedroom Producer is a short documentary that to try to explore the impact of the high number of new producers getting involved in the British dance music scene.

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3 Must Read Links for any Producer or Engineer (Aspiring or not)

Good Morning MBWK!

I’ve got three awesome links for you guys to check out.

First is a true game changer.  Pensado’s Place is a web show featuring platinum mix engineer and his engineer Herb Trawick interviewing some of the greatest engineers, producers, songwriters, and music industry leaders in an hour long web show.  Nearly 100 shows deep, there is plenty of knowledge to improve your sonics!

Check out Pensado’s Place in the latest episode below (featuring MixedByAli ) .

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MBWK Featured on Hypebot and MusicThinkThank

We at MBWK would like to send a big SHOUT OUT! and a very special Thank You to HypeBot and MusicThinkTank for featuring the article Why Most Indie Music Groups and Labels Fail (Part 1) . All of us at MBWK are humbled by the response we’ve gotten since the article was featured.  2013 is off to a great start with much more in store in the very near future!ImageImage

Happy New Year from MBWK, Future Plans, and Closing thoughts

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM MBWK!I want to thank everyone that has visited the site in 2012 and anyone in the future who reads this for making this site what it is.   2013 will many new projects from the MusicBizWizKids family and new exclusive content…  We have very big plans to turn this site into THE resource for young people interested in a career in the Music Biz!  We will be announcing these additions, changes, and new projects in the coming weeks so STAY TUNED!

Until next time,

Share Knowledge. Spread Love. Make Music.

Everything You Need to Forget About the Music Industry (via MusicThinkTank.com)


Rick Goetz, of MusicThinkTank and MusicianCoaching, writes a truly inspired and informative article that I had to share with my fellow Wiz Kids!  In the article, he talks about the misconception about what it truly takes to be successful (perpetuated by media like “Behind The Music.”  In short, it takes grit (patience, persistence), solid business knowledge, marketing your personal brand, setting goals, building a community, and networking

So Without Further ado here is a link Mr. Goetz’s article.


For more about the author, Mr. Goetz, go to http://rickgoetzconsulting.com/