An Open Letter….

To friends, acquaintances, colleagues, co-workers, allies, enemies, fans, and mentors,

As you guys may or may not have known, for the past several years I have been focusing on my career as a music producer and recording engineer.  In those years, I have learned a great deal about the music industry, but the most obvious thing I’ve learned is that there is a lack of education online for the next generation of music business professionals.  These future ‘wiz kids’ may be in high school and interested in the music business either as a performer, producer, booking agent, manager, executive, publisher, or any of the dozens of other titles in today’s, new (and improved) music industry.  They all have one thing in common – the desire for knowledge and the need for mentorship. 

It is with a great deal of pride and enthusiasm that I launch my new website aimed at this audience and with the underlying goal to share knowledge with tomorrow’s music business elite. will provide insightful articles, interviews, book reviews, analysis, and advice.  I won’t do this alone however.  I‘m sending this to humbly ask for your support.  To find out more about how you can assist in my ambitious journey, email me at

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