Atoms For Peace Blast Spotify, Spotify Responds

thom-yorke-atoms-for-peace-cover1      VSspotify-logo

Emily White and  of Billboard reports on Atoms for Peace (AKA @nigelgod and Thom Yorke) pulling their group’s album from Spotify.  Below are key quotes from the announcement (which like many things nowadays made news via Twitter).  Ian Rogers (@iancr), CEO of the forthcoming Beats streaming service, and Jesse Von Doom (@jessevondoom) of Cash Music got involved in the debate and soon after Spotify made a public statement in response to the harsh criticisms.

Dubbed by Godrich as a “small meaningless rebellion,” his tweets called out Spotify as “bad for music,” adding “new artists get paid f*ck all with this model.”

“The numbers don’t even add up for spotify yet.” (Goodrich) Tweeted. “Yet,” being the key word.

Spotify resonded

“We’ve already paid US$500M to rightsholders so far and by the end of 2013 this number will reach US$1bn.”

Spotify is “100% committed to making Spotify the most artist-friendly music service possible, and are constantly talking to artists and managers about how Spotify can help build their careers.”

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 11.02.25 PMFor More Info check out the full articles over at Billboard here and here as well as Storify.



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