Cambatta, NMS2013, and the Sidewalk as a Venue

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 10.23.32 AM

Last night I went out to check out verbal assasin Cambatta’s performance in the village at Cake Shop as part of New Music Seminar.  Cambatta took it to the stage and ripped threw some songs off of his latest mixtape Smoke and Mirrors.  Several bands performed as well including Down Beat Keys.  However, the real performance was outside on the street when Cambatta alongside bilingual reggae artist Rafijah Siano and Allison Kennedy, a female singer/songwriter from Montreal (If anyone if she has a website/twitter please let me know).  There will be a video posted in the coming days of this impromptu sidewalk show.

The whole night proved that a venue can be any place where people congregate (in this case the sidewalk) and people will congregate if there is fresh, captivating music to be experienced.  Creativity has been proven to benefit from limitations and in the case of this sidewalk performance, that is most definitely true.  Seeing the same artists perform in an intimate venue like Cake Shop (with a stage and live sound system) and then perform acapella on the street corner with no real barrier between the music and the city that surrounded, shows that while live venues offer a  expected atmosphere, live music can happen anywhere.

What was the most unique venue that you’ve seen a live performance?  Do you believe artists can gain a name for themselves outside of typical venues?  How do venues benefit from non traditional locales?

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